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Working with individuals in a holistic manner is the new way forward in conscious health and wellness. Wellness is the largest growing industry worldwide at present, but finding someone with the correct knowledge and experience in a number of related health fields is sometimes difficult to find, but they are out there. They will coach you in your process of living the best life you have been given while you step on the road to health for yourself and your loved ones. ……enjoying your life in all ways possible.

Stress today is emotional and physical, the demands of daily life does eventually catch up with us if we are not careful. We start feeling different aches and pains, which we worry even further about or else put it to the back of our minds because we are too busy, thinking tomorrow I will start doing something about it, but what is that something and is it going to be too late? Life will change, time is transient, the question is what is your lifestyle and emotional state doing to your physical body right this minute, is your health deteriorating as time flies past as you put that one last big business deal together or are you putting your families needs ahead of your health? I want to encourage you to not wait another second, start right now, and start this minute. Find someone trustworthy with experience and a good track record, someone who is knowledgeable who you will be accountable to initially until you have a healthy lifestyle routine and realistic structure in your daily life that you are able to follow for the rest of your life.

One question I always ask my clients as an integrated therapist and trainer is how are they feeling emotionally. This is of all importance to how I move forward with my plan of action, whether I am going to take them for a Pilates class or if I am going to give them a healing massage. Working with peoples feet also tell a story. Even a keen athlete or a sports person is causing different stressors in their body that I would need to recognise and consider in my treatment action plan to assist them to perform better and recover from their training.

Often clients come into my practice complaining of pain and I know that some kind of stress is going on; chances are its emotional stress that is manifesting in their body. If they are feeling low, by them just starting to move and exercise increases their blood flow which will automatically make them feel better and they will leave feeling a whole lot different with a more balanced perspective on a situation or concern.

We all feel Stress but what is it? Stress is an inability to cope and varies from person to person. We have a part of our brain called the reptile brain, which enables us to cope with a demand, or need to take action, it responds to a stressor. When the brain releases a chemical reaction to fight or flight – what is the natural response, the adrenal glands start pumping out adrenalin, which in turn pumps blood into the area that has to respond in an instant. A parasympathetic hormone is released afterwards to calm the body down. Too much on-going stress never takes the pressure off our bodies, which never stops producing cortisol. These high levels of constant cortisol are what are dangerous. The body tells you physically that it’s under stress all the time and eventually starts breaking down. Besides that, many other things happen as well, like the diaphragm freezes and we start breathing too shallow and our hearts start pumping faster. People in a state of constant anxiety or stress will pull their abdominals in to protect their venerable front line, automatically feeling the need to protect their digestive system and close off their heart and emotions, making everything seem numb to assist them to cope. As their conscious integrated therapist, I need to understand this process and my client’s body, that their body is under tension and that they need to relax. Working in various ways with the parasympathetic nervous system triggers to calm the body down, Pilates is one of my preferred ways of doing this. People feel better when they move and I train them to be sensitive to their bodies.

Start empowering yourself today and feel the difference a year from now. Do not land up in an ICU unit in a coma from undiagnosed diabetes that you were too busy to sort out when you started feeling the symptoms, besides you could have made a difference to your eating and exercise plan that could have saved your health; if you had acted quicker you could have reversed the damage your lifestyle was causing your body. Your body did not let you down; it’s you who did not hear its requests and warnings. Also, recognise that you didn’t get into this situation in a month so don’t be impatient with the new road that is calling you; enjoy it step by step along the journey, be gentle and loving to your body and enjoy the renewed way you see things as you look around you and start feeling energised and different. Turn all your senses on and move forward in life consciously, feel the strength in every new stride forward as you start living your best life in health that you could possible live. Know that if you make the imperative lifestyle changes that your soul and body are calling you to do today, you will be feeling a whole lot different at the beginning of next year.

Manifesting different ailments in our bodies is actually our body’s way of talking to us. If we choose not to listen to the little niggles then somehow or other your body will find a way to stop you in your track and you will become ill, initially with a common cold and eventually with something more chronic like diabetes or some sort of cancer or heart failure. It broke my heart last week when I massaged a man who was undergoing treatment for leukaemia; his lack of energy, depression and deep tiredness was such a reality check for even myself. My question is to you, why do you wait…take control of your health while you are able, there are integrated therapists, coaches and trainers out there to assist you…..

Written by Shirene Briell
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